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Online Registration
Conference or Meeting

Destination isconsin will assist in developing a page that captures the information you want or need to know about your attendees.  Contact information, shirt size, guest information and participation in various events are just some of the many items you may wish to know about an attendee. 

Once these items are chosen, we will build a customized registration page for your attendees.  The registration page will contain text and graphics relating to each of the events, a registration form including contact information and payment (if needed) and other information requested by the meeting planner such as conference text, meeting logo or other graphics.

Upon completion of the customized information capture page, your attendees may register for your meeting or event simply by logging on to the Destination isconsin homepage and selecting their event.  In addition, we are happy to provide the meeting’s web designer with the appropriate address so that registration may be processed via a direct link from the meeting, company or association web site.

Below, you will find a link to an information capture site.  We invite you to use this demonstration site to see how smoothly the online information capturing process operates and to view a confirmation email sample upon registration completion.  You may enter fictitious information, but we suggest using your real email address so that you may see a sample of what a potential attendee will see in their confirmation email upon registration completion.

Capturing Information Site Demonstration

Upon request, Destination isconsin can also introduce you to the reporting side of the information capturing process where you, as the meeting planner, will have access to “real-time” reports.  These reports allow you to view the number of attendees registered as well as any and all information requested of the attendees during the registration process.

If you have questions regarding the online registration system, please do not hesitate to contact us.